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Another Round wins BAFTA

13 April 2021

Another Round BAFTA
Mads Mikkelsen in Another Round

Danish film Another Round (‘Druk’) has gone home with a huge victory after receiving the ‘Best Film in a Foreign Language’ BAFTA Film Award. 

In 32 years, it’s the first time a Danish film has won this category and only the second time in all BAFTA history. 

Accepting the award, Director Thomas Vinterberg started off by humouring everyone saying “I did have a small suspicion that you Brits might like a film about drinking”. He continued by thanking the many people who made the film possible and who were also in the background with him – including Peter Aalbæk Jensen (Zentropa producer), his family and actor Thomas Bo Larsen. Vinterberg ended on an emotional note by thanking and honouring his daughter Ida who was significantly passionate about the film and devastatingly passed away at the beginning of production.

Even with the global pandemic affecting the film industry, Another Round has received significant hype and praise. It was nominated this March at the Golden Globes and is currently up for nomination at the Oscars (taking place 25th April) for the best foreign language film.

Another Round is a fun and thought-provoking drama that follows Martin (Mads Mikkelsen), a high school teacher and three of his close friends, in a social experiment with alcohol. There are no limits and alcohol enters many aspects of their personal and professional lives.